Thu 08 Feb 2018 13:18

RFU Grand Draw

You are receiving this because you have requested extra books to sell in this year’s England Rugby Grand Draw 2017/18. We have sent you extra books, over and above the 10 which are included in the Starter Kit sent to EVERY club - namely 200 books for Burntwood Rugby Club.

The main reason for this Bulletin is to remind you that only about 6 weeks remain until the official date for returning sold stubs arrives. We hope sales are going well, or to plan, and if you would like any ADDITIONAL books then please order them as soon as possible to maximise the sales opportunities you have left. Remember you keep 90% of everything you sell.

Contact Rob Forsyth, Gerry McGann, James Holmes or Simon Barker or see the poster on the clubhouse noticeboard for more info.

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